2017 The year of Deep Learning frameworks

2017 the year of Deep Learning frameworks

2017 was a special year for Deep Learning. In addition to the great experimental results obtained thanks to the algorithms developed, the Deep Learning this year has seen its glory in the release of many frameworks. These are very useful tools for developing numerous projects. In the article you will see an overview of many new frameworks that have been proposed as excellent tools for the development of Deep Learning projects.

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Data Scientist – a new professional role

Data Scientist - a new professional role main

In recent years many new professions are emerging, some of which you probably barely know. These new professional activities will play an important role in the years to come. One of these figures is precisely the Data Scientist. In this article you will see in more detail what is the work of the Data Scientist, what should be his skills and what activities he must perform.

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A guide to Installing R for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

A guide to installing R for windows linux and max os x main

Introduction If you’re dealing with data analytics, you certainly will have heard of R. R is a programming language and a development environment for analysis and statistical computing. This language allows you to use a wide variety of statistical tools at the highest level, using a completely free  software. In …

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KM4City: From data to services for the sentient cities (Maker Faire 2016)

KM4City (Knowledge Model for City) is an Open Source application that consists of a series of instruments useful to control a city, through a customizable dashboard. This project was carried out by DISIT (Distributed Systems and Internet Technology Lab) of the University of Florence.

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Landsat – image acquisition of Earth’s surface (Remote sensing)

Introduction For over 30 years, the data were collected as the Earth surface images, thanks to a series of specialized satellites for remote sensing of the Earth’s surface, called Landsat. In all these years, an enormous amount of information has been collected and processed and allowed to monitor changes in …

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How to test your D3 examples with jsFiddle using JSON, CSV, TSV files in GitHub


  Introduction Lately I find myself, more and more often, to propose a development environment where you can easily test the Javascript code needed to produce graphs and data representation. Personally I use Aptana IDE  as a development environment and use WAMP (for Windows) and LAMP (for Linux). But generally when I …

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Earth Wind Map: the visualization of atmospheric data

In past years, the field of data visualization was restricted to only a few employees, especially in the small circle of people who were able to dispose of computer technology, complex and expensive. In recent years, the field of data visualization is making great strides, thanks to the increasing popularity …

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Creating interactive maps with the Leaflet library

It is a new open-source JavaScript library for creating interactive maps. It is developed by Vladimir Agafonkin. It is quickly gaining popularity. Embedding Leaflet in the web page Before writing any code for the map, you need to do the following preparation steps on your page. First you need to …

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