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Have you some original idea to share? You are an expert and you want to promote you, your book, your project or another post you have wrote before. We will glad to share your article publishing it on this site. Are you a programmer? Have you developed a project? Do you have a tutorial to share with us? Don’t wait too much!

Suggested articles:


A Raspberry Pi Overview

Write an article about the Raspberry Pi board, showing its features and an overview about what you can do with it. (Possibly explaining the chipset)


The Creative Commons licenses

Write an article about the Creative Commons, describing in detail how and on what they can be applied.  


Matlab simulink 

Write an article describing this application, how it is connected to Matlab and adding an overview about its toolboxes. 


Arduino Yun

Write an article describing this board, the chipset and adding some projects as example


RepRap 3D Printers 

Write an overview on this printers, what they are, how to build them and what you can make with them.

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