The Writer’s Guide

If you are a member who has received the role of author, this certainly means that you have proposed an article (or more) to the community. So now you have to write your article, but how?

Once you are logged in, a black bar will appear at the top of the page. If you click on “+ New” item menu, a list with two items appears below.

  • Post: create a new draft.
  • New media: add pictures to be included in the post..


Author’s area

Instead, clicking on “Meccanismo Complesso” menu item, you access to the author’s area where you can write, edit, correct and delete your draft. In the sidebar on the left there are a number of items:

  • Post: list of all your posts and drafts.
  • Media: list of all your images.
  • Profile: your personal settings.
  • Italiano/English: selection of the language used.


Manage your posts

Clicking on the “Add New Post” menu, a text editor appears on the left area. You will use this editor to directly write your posts. A set of tools, which will help you to edit the post, are collected in the toolbar.


At the top you have to add the title both in Italian and in English. In the editor, you can see four panels at the top left of the toolbar. These four panels represent different modes of text entry.

  • Italiano: italian version of the post.
  • English: english version of the post.
  • Visual: display the text as it appears in the web page
  • Text: display the text as HTML format


Remember to save before closing the page by pressing the Save Draft button in the right pane called Publish (see Figure below).


Sometimes you need to see a preview of your post just to know how it will be shown on the site when it will be published. Thus, press the Preview button and a new page will be open on your browser with the preview of your post.

Once you believe that one of your drafts is complete, send the post to the admin to be submitted to the Review by pressing the Submit for Review button.

  • If your post is ready to be published, it will be published.
  • If the post only need a few fixes and formatting changes, the admin will mark the changes and then he will call your attention the modified article, alerting you with an e-mail about the changes. If you will approve them, the article will be published.
  • If the admin considers the post is not ready yet, the admin call your attention sending you an email and  suggesting to the changes to be made.

Assigning Categories and Tags

Each article is related to one or more topics. For proper cataloging the article you’re writing within the site, you have to assign it a category. On the right side of the editor there is a panel with a list of categories. Assign one or more categories to your article. If by chance, the category that you think best fit, is not present, either because your article is the first to talk about a certain topic, or because you have more insight on these things compared to admin (8-)), please suggest it to the administrator, so that he can add it to the category list.


To enhance and facilitate the search for your post within Google and other search engines, you will need to add the tags. Add all the keywords of your article here (check if they already exist).

Manage your media

To add images and zip files (often containing your source code) to be inserted into your post, you need to manage your library of media. You can open the media library by selecting the Media menu item in the sidebar on the left. From here you can manage all your images, zips and other files.


If you want to add new images, click on Add new, either the button or the menu item. If you prefer, you can directly drag & drop the image file over the hatched area, or press Select Files button to find and choose the file on your PC.


Moreover, if you take a look at the Home page of the site, you see that each post has an image referred to it.tThis image is called Featured Image. Remember that the same image also appears on many sites next to the title of your article (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.) and often (sad to say) sometimes it characterizes the success of your article more than the page content. Thus, the choice of an attractive image is a very important step.


But now …

put yourself to work immediately, your readers are always hungry for new articles!!!!

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