Learn how to program in C with Arduino 2 – Functions

Learn how to program in C with Arduino - Lesson 2 Functions m

In the previous article you saw the sketches, how they are structured and the elements that make it up. In this second article on programming with Arduino you will see a fundamental element: the functions and the role they play. At the end of this lesson, you will be able to recognize a function within a sketch, and you will have all the necessary knowledge on how to define them and use them for your purposes and projects.

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BBC micro:bit – a new board for learning electronics

BBC microbit a new educational board

After Raspberry Pi, the very famous board created for educational purposes in the United Kingdom, but which was then also used in many other areas, the time has come for the introduction of BBC micro:bit.he BBC, the company that has always been in the forefront of education and learning, has invested in this project, thus introducing itself into this new world of IoT and embedded electronics.In this article we will know in detail this small card, its features and some applications.

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Programming WiFi on Arduino with the WiFi101 library

Arduino and the WiFi101 Library

(Italiano) La libreria WiFi101 permette di poter utilizzare in maniera programmatica la tecnologia WiFi su sistemi Arduino potenziati con Arduino WiFi Shield 101 o utilizzando direttamente la scheda Arduino MKR1000 che ha il WiFi integrato. Inutile dire che questa libreria è uno dei mattoncini fondamentali per lo sviluppo e l’utilizzo di Arduino come soluzioni IoT.

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Motor Control with Arduino and the Adafruit Motorshield v2 board

Scarica l’articolo in formato PDF Introduction With the availability of an Arduino board, most likely after learning how to create your first circuits, you will certainly want to utilize your board to control a motor. Among the wide selection of motors that you can use: DC motors  Stepper motors  Servo motors There are …

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