Learn how to program in C with Arduino 2 – Functions

Learn how to program in C with Arduino - Lesson 2 Functions m

In the previous article you saw the sketches, how they are structured and the elements that make it up. In this second article on programming with Arduino you will see a fundamental element: the functions and the role they play. At the end of this lesson, you will be able to recognize a function within a sketch, and you will have all the necessary knowledge on how to define them and use them for your purposes and projects.

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Programming Graphs in Python – Part 1

Graphs in Python - part 1 main

In all programming languages, data structure models are an important element for managing advanced programming. So it’s very important to be familiar with them and how to use them. Graphs are a very important data structure. Python does not have a primitive data structure to handle the graphs, so it is necessary to implement it. In this article you will see what are the graphs, their features, and how to implement some useful features for managing and manipulating the data inside.

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