Programming Graphs in Python – Part 1

Graphs in Python - part 1 main

In all programming languages, data structure models are an important element for managing advanced programming. So it’s very important to be familiar with them and how to use them. Graphs are a very important data structure. Python does not have a primitive data structure to handle the graphs, so it is necessary to implement it. In this article you will see what are the graphs, their features, and how to implement some useful features for managing and manipulating the data inside

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Lowspec – A 3D printed spectroscope

LOWSCOPE - a 3D printed spectroscope m

There are many 3D printing projects available on the web, but there is one in particular that really impressed me. The project we will discuss today allows you to print all the structural components of a spectroscope at home and then adapt the lenses and the mechanical parts (for the movement mechanisms) obtaining an instrument to use at home, perhaps connecting it to a telescope

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Kindleberry – the economic ultraportable laptop with Kindle and Raspberry Pi

Kindleberry - the ultraportable economic laptop with kindle and raspberry pi m

There are many projects published on the Internet that use the Raspberry Pi boards in communication with other devices. This is to enhance these boards by exploiting their high adaptability and ease of setting up communications with different protocols. In this article you will see a recent project in which, using a simple Kindle device available at home, it is possible to create an ultraportable laptop at really cheap prices. This project was called precisely Kindleberry.

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