Stefano Gustin


Diploma in telecommunications in Trieste in ’84, he works with various mobile operators. He designs and manufactures electronic measurement equipment for research institutions and public companies. Combining passion for mechanics and skills in electronics and software, he carries out its activities in the field of robotics.

Cecilia Lalatta Costerbosa


Class ’89. Roots in Liguria, but its origins are mixed: half French, half Emilian. Bachelor degree in Interior Design at the Politecnico di Milano in 2008, she works at the Superstudio PiĆ¹ Gisella Borioli and Flavio Lucchini – the main studio of Milan Design Week- office as an assistant designer at the stand construction office. In November 2013, Master degree in Visual Communication Design and Multimedia at La Sapienza University in Rome with honors. She currently works on the Spirilets project for the Department of Computer Engineering DIS at La Sapienza University of Rome..

Alberto Sallusti

Born in 1974, graduated in Mechanical Engineering, he worked as a Project Engineer in the field of Oil & Gas. A lover of many, too many things to list them all, the most recent are drones and the Additive Manufacturing technology, which is considered by him, like many characters far more authoritative than him, the protagonist of the next industrial revolution.

Davide Aloisi

Diploma in electronics. He is the Robotics Brazil World Cup winner in 2014. Winner also of the Austrian Open in 2013 and 2013, and winner of the RomeCup in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.


Gilda Lombardi

She has a degree in semiotics at the University of Bologna with Umberto Eco. She is responsible for European projects at the Italian Publishers Association. Editor and author for Touring Club Guide du Routard, translator from French and English for Neri Pozza. Second bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University IUAV of Venice.

Michele Sisinni

45, Industrial Engineer, Technological Systems Designer, Energy Manager, Safety Consultant  in workplaces, CTU, expert in electrical systems and verifications with Thermal Imaging Camera.

Bruno Orsini


Technical Industrial Expert with a specialization in Telecommunications, graduating in July 1967, average 8.5. Technical Manager of several companies, the most important: Autovox S.p.A Roma, Ducati elettrotecnica Bologna in Latina, GBR Radio and Television Rome, Sero S.p.A Roma a company operating in the field of civilian and military radio transmitters to radio frequency. CTU at the Court, designer of electrical and electronic plants and systems.

Gabriele Jon Ficarelli

Class ’91, I’m currently working as computer systems analyst, hacking in electronics since I can remember and in the field of computers since the introduction of Windows 95. I travel whenever I can, I like red beers and know by heart most of the pixar movies.

Pietro Baima

Born in 1973. Graduated in Physics, but eager to learn electronics, which fights for years. Ing-3dB with yellow slide rule from 27.04.2013 Hobbies: Photography, Fencing and … Electronics.

Marco Contigiani

Graduated in Electronic Engineering.  Passionate about innovation, open hardware, Arduino, Android, and music. PhD Student at the Polytechnic University of Marche. Co-founder of the startup LABME Innovations srl. President of the Association of Open Hardware Ideas Lab (OHILab).

Fabio Nelli

Graduated in Chemistry and then in Information and Automation Engineering. Site Coordinator of Meccanismo Complesso. He is currently carrying out the activities of Scientific Application Specialist (Dotmatics) and DBA at IRBM Science Park in Pomezia (Rome).


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