Observable – The interactive JavaScript Notebook to work with D3.js and other graphic libraries

Observable Javascript Notebook - An indispensable tool for data analysis

Manage the analysis, the programming, and the visualization of the results in an interactive way and at the same time produce readable reports all at the same time is now possible thanks to interactive notebooks. In particular, for those who work with JavaScript libraries, the interactive Notebook is available for free.

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 2017 The year of Deep Learning frameworks

2017 the year of Deep Learning frameworks

   2017 was a special year for Deep Learning. In addition to the great experimental results obtained thanks to the algorithms developed, the Deep Learning this year has seen its glory in the release of many frameworks. These are very useful tools for developing numerous projects. In the article you will see an overview of many new frameworks that have been proposed as excellent tools for the development of Deep Learning projects.

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Test your code D3 with Jsfiddle with JSON file, CSV, TSV present on GitHub


Personally I make use of Aptana IDE as a development environment and use WAMP (for Windows) and LAMP (for Linux).. But generally during the various tutorials, articles and presentations I prefer to refer to Jsfiddle: An online environment where you can test and save in real time the JavaScript code also defining its CSS declarations and HTML tags.

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How to make a 2D histogram with D3 library (tutorial)


Before starting with this article, I suggest you read the article Hexagonal binning, in which is explained and shown this method of aggregation. The article compares the scatterplots generated by two different sets of data. It is thus highlighted that for particular sets of data, especially those that are presented as a distribution "sparse" on the XY plane, it can be difficult to detect any clusters or linear trends.

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