Thermography: a valuable aid for the electrical maintenance


In recent years in the field of electrical plant engineering, especially with regard to the maintenance of plants and equipment in general, Thermography has developed considerably: a term derived from the Greek words "thermos" that It means hot and "grafphen" which means drawing or drawing the heat, a non-invasive diagnostic technique that allows to identify surface temperature values without coming into direct contact with the electrical components through the Visualization and measurement of the thermal energy emitted by an object.

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The reception system of a digital television signal


Following my previous article a useful manual on digital terrestrial television with which I analyzed globally the digital terrestrial system, from production to transmission until reception, with this article I would like to analyse and Describe in detail a reception plant, both for a single unit and centralized for more units, starting from the description and analysis of the various components to the distribution of the signal up to the design and the final Installation.

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Surge Protection

Fulmini su Genova

The increasing use of electrical and electronic equipment especially sensitive to surges in low-voltage networks, has made it essential the implementation of protection systems more efficient and targeted particularly to the type of system where such protection is necessary.

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