Using Canon and Nikon lenses with Raspberry Pi 2

Using Canon and Nikon lenses with Raspberry Pi

Lately many subscribers are asking me how they can use their professional lenses like Nikon or Canon directly with Raspberry Pi. I have good news for you …. you can do it. You can use the PiCamera as a digital sensor and add a set of adapters that allow you to directly screw the lens on the PiCamera board. Personally I could not test the actual functionality of the whole (not having the material), but in this article you will find a wealth of information that will be really useful. If you are a Makers, you’ll find excellent opportunities for fabbricarti adapters alone, otherwise you can directly use the adapters available for sale.


OpenCV 3.0 & Python – Installation on Raspberry (Raspbian)

In This article we will see how to compile the source code and install version 3.0 of OpenCV on Raspberry. This article is then an introduction to a series of articles that will discuss the topic. So if you want to work with OpenCV you need to know compile and install on your system: in this case Raspbian.

PiCamera Raspberry PIR add text video image

PiCamera & Python – How to add text on images and video

In this article, you will deepen some topics on picamera Library: how to configure the webcam settings and how to add text on the image. You write a series of examples in Python to get familiar with these concepts. Finally, to conclude, a summary example about Video Surveillance with PiCamera – how to add the current time while shooting a video.