Technical Standards

Normative - main

 The purpose of this article is to provide a short and practical manual regarding the vast and complex field of technical standards in electrical engineering and electronics. In particular I will talk about the rules adopted by qualified bodies and recognized nationally and internationally and produced by the contribution, the consent and approval of all parties involved such as designers, installers, manufacturers, consumer groups, the competent authorities

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 Christmas Light Decorations

per esterno fig9

 This article will be a useful support for all those who directly or indirectly are involved in their use, especially for all those people who are going to make the happiness of many children getting ready to illuminate trees, nativity scenes, balconies, facades, gardens ( Fig.1 shows some examples of Christmas decorations bright)

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The stand-by function: “The electronic state of half asleep”


In these times when energy saving is very timely especially with the realization of equipment increasingly attentive to the consumption of electricity, with this article I want to focus on that dot always on, usually red in color, which represents the stand-by of almost all modern electrical and electronic equipment; a bright dot that is generally considered annoying but completely harmless

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The domotic electric system: the technological evolution of the traditional electrical system


With the passing of years and the continual technical development of materials and components, the electrical system in civil buildings, and not only has integrated its role as a simple distribution of electricity with modern technology Home and Building Automation (HBA), better known by the term Domotics. This word is composed of a set of words: “domus”, which in Latin means house, and “robotics” the discipline of engineering that deals with methods that allow a machine to realize the human labor.

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Matlab: symbolic calculation


Atlab is an application that we all know, but we are not always aware of all its potential. In fact, Matlab in addition to carry out the numerical calculation directed to which we are all accustomed, also allows us to evaluate analytically (i.e. maintaining parametric expressions) Many of these calculations. In fact, thanks to the symbolic Math Toolbox, Matlab provides us with a set of instructions for symbolic (or literal) computation.

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