Guidelines of the community

1) The cooperation is the basis of this community.2) The contribution of each of us will always be recognized, however small or great this contribution may be. 3) Any material and comment that might be somewhat insulting, discriminatory or provocative, will be removed from the site.4) The site administrator, aka coordinator of the Meccanismo Complesso community, retains the right to co-ordinate the material published on the website and he has the last say in the matter about what, how and when to publish or remove this material.    for now there are only four…   You have to write more, otherwiser what community is this?…. 😉   You can add the guidelines as comments to this page…If you think that some guideline does not convince you, write a comment with the changes and/or corrections. Or if you are the person who likes to have something to say about everything, it is ok, go ahead and write a comment.  

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