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Antony  – 18 Dic 2015

In reference to the new standard EN 61439-1 if a switchboard assembler/manufacturer creates a framework with only the equipment measurement and control of various manufacturers, without power circuits. How he will certify the same framework?


Modoli Gianluca  – 10 Nov 2015



Fabio – 26 Ott 2015

An article about the horgonic morphocromatic emotional amplificator.


Renzo – 19 Ott 2015

How to get  (Excel Sheets) the values of a sensor on your computer. These values are read by Aduino.


Roberto Gerosa  – 12 Feb 2015

Sand/Soil stabilizers. Is it possible to find a easy to produce “open source” organic formula to stabilize either the sand or a good mix of clay soil to produce bricks or to use in rammed earth constructions? This formula would be extremely useful to address the issue of low cost housing in Africa, in an eco-sustainable way. References:


Marco Aspesi  – 12 Dic 2014

Here is the innovative robot LBR iiwa. It is produced by the German multinational Kuka, and was presented Thursday, December 4 in Genoa at the headquarters of Telerobotlabs, the company chosen to study more advanced  and experimental applications.
The speakers: Lorenzo Licalzi (writer and psychologist), Giorgio Metta (iCub Facility Director, IIT), Alberto Pellero (Strategic Development Manager of Kuka Roboter Italy Spa), Patrick Sale (Department of neurorehabilitation – IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana Rome) Francesco Becchi (General Manager Telerobotlabs).[:]

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