Saturday, February 18 – Grottaferrata (Rome) – Open Source & Open Hardware

 Hello, you’re all invited to attend the seminar:

Participation is free and open to all.

In this workshop we will discuss the concept of Open Technology and technological innovations of recent years which have greatly changed the way we think about the development of a technology. Open Source and Open Hardware will be the two main themes, in which the successes of these two new ways of technological development will be shown. Furthermore, under this new approach, all the professional and economic opportunities will be discussed

To whom it may concern:

No technical requirements are required, the seminar will discuss general topics and technical but only for dissemination purposes. The purpose of this event is to show everyone the validity of the new information technology development approach and new job opportunities in this field that are opening up to all.

The main topics of Open Source:

Python, Java, Android, Linux, Unix, GNU, GPL license, Applicazioni Open Source, GitHub, and so on.

The main topics of Open Hardware:

Arduino, Raspberry, 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Internet of Things, and so on.

It is also a way to see all of us in person.

Note to members of the Meccanismo Complesso community: if you are going to attend the seminar you will be awarded 100 experience points, along with Badge “Open Source” and “Open Hardware”

See you all at

Saturday, February 18 – 10:00 am

Biblioteca Bruno Martellotta di Grottaferrata

Viale Giovanni Dusmet, 20

00046 Grottaferrata (Roma)


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