7th-July-2016: Meccanismo Complesso v2.0!

Meccanismo Complesso has a new style! The theme has been totally changed! New features will be added as soon as possible!

Meccanismo Complesso - new Theme

This is the old theme…

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2nd-Nov-2014: Business cards for senior members

I have just sent a package of business cards to all senior members of the community.

Meccanismo Complesso biglietti da visita
Meccanismo Complesso biglietti da visita 2
Meccanismo Complesso biglietti da visita 3

26-9-2014: Thanks to all! Over 500 views per day !!!


Yesterday we had a record number of visits: 779 !

Moreover, in recent days the visits have exceeded the threshold 500!

andamento visite

In addition, here are other important data

Registered users

Special thanks

A special thanks to all members, especially to all the authors who have contributed greatly with their articles to the success of this site.

Special thanks go to Bruno Orsini who has made a huge contribution with his articles and with his tips, making this a better site.

I hope that in the future many of you will be added to the list of subscribers, and contribute, each in what he knows best to do, to improve the website Meccanismo Complesso. We will be a bigger community!

Future goals and things to fix

  • The forum is a disaster. No one participates. I have to request membership to be able to add comments or else each day it was filled with useless spam advertising. I have to study more about it in order to better manage / improve the forum. We accept criticism and suggestions.
  • Increase the number of authors.
  • Increase participation by registered users through the private section (if you have needs and requests, or suggestions, do not hesitate!)
  • Despite the announcement in the home page banner, I have not yet received any notification of correction of the English text. There are so many errors, it is difficult to manage it all and do it to the best of ways. Also, if there are some technical terms which are inappropriate or wrong, I would appreciate greatly a your notification in this regard.

I hope that in the future these points can be solved and who knows, maybe there will be huge news. 😉

I’m happy with the results.

Thanks again to all

10-5-2014: it’s a good start

We begin to see the first results! Since the last update on this diary we have made a lot of steps!

YouTube Channel and the Promo video

First, the YouTube channel of the community has been created. Now you can publish articles along with video. To inaugurate the new channel a promo video of the community was made.

Stability in the number of visitors

In March we had an average of 50 visitors per day, now we can boast in 150-200 daily visits.


Registered users


In March there were 71 registered users.

At the present time they are 189 registered users.

Not bad, right?


In the past two months some authors have added to the communityy and they have begun to contribute with their knowledge to the richness of the site. See the page authors.

Google+, Facebook and Linkedin

As regards the social network, this is the current situation

  • Google+ : 126 users (73 in March) have add Meccanismo Complesso to their circle.
  • LinkedIn : 12 members (11 members in March)
  • Facebook: 45 likes

As we can see on LinkedIn, the situation is not so good. But it is compensated by an increase both on Twitter and on Facebook.

 8th-March-2014: first steps

After about a month, we begin to see the first results.

Stability in the number of visitors

For two weeks, I have neither published articles nor have I made changes to the site, in order to study the statistics of the site. Well these are the results of visits:


As you can see, the site continues to maintain the 50 daily visits. Hopefully in the coming months, this value will grow considerably.

Registered users


Last month there were 17 registered users.

At the present time they are 71 registered users.

The numbers are there, so it’s a signal that the site is visited and always by different people.


Introduction of the achievements and user levels. 

In the previous month I introduced the gamification of the site to take account of the degree and type of participation of each member.

Google+, Facebook and Linkedin

The community of Meccanismo Complesso also has its place on some social networks.

  • Google+ : 73 users added Meccanismo Complesso to their circles
  • LinkedIn : 11 members registered in the Meccanismo Complesso group
  • Facebook: 10 likes

many other surprises await us … and you who read this page what are you waiting for? JOIN THE COMMUNITY!

30th-Jan-2014: first months of life

These are the first steps of the site. Just today I decide to start writing a diary of events which characterize the history of the site. In this respect, I dedicate this new page with the hope to add many more events.

Many things have been implemented and many more are in development. The figure below shows the statistics on daily visits. Well, not bad, considering that we are only at the beginning.



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