SonicPi – Make music and create sounds by programming with Raspberry Pi

Sonic Pi make music and create sound by programming with Raspberry Pi m

This introductory article aims to illustrate the basic functionalities of the Sonic Pi application, a software included in Raspberry’s Raspbian distribution that allows you to compose and execute music in a programmatic way, that is through the drafting of a code. In this post you will see a series of examples and how to perform simple melodies, edit sounds and add effects.

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Why Raspberry Pi is invulnerable to Spectre and Meltdown

Raspberry is invulerable to Spectre and Meltdown

This article is taken from a beautiful post by Eben Upton. Recently there has been a lot of discussion about some security vulnerabilities found in many processors, called Spectre and Meltdown. There are many processors that have been found to be vulnerable to these attacks, including many processors as Intel, AMD and even some ARM cores.

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The art of nature captured through the microscope images by Justin Zoll

The art of nature captured through the microscope images by Justin Zoll m

The world around us is not always visible to the human eye. Sometimes some photographers can perceive the art that is hidden from our eyes, and that’s what Justin Zoll did that he found in the crystals of the most widespread substance used by the men of the spectacular colored motifs through not the lenses of a lens , but those of a microscope.

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2017 The year of Deep Learning frameworks

2017 the year of Deep Learning frameworks

2017 was a special year for Deep Learning. In addition to the great experimental results obtained thanks to the algorithms developed, the Deep Learning this year has seen its glory in the release of many frameworks. These are very useful tools for developing numerous projects. In the article you will see an overview of many new frameworks that have been proposed as excellent tools for the development of Deep Learning projects.

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