Python Lessons – Introduction – What is Python?

Python Lessons - the course to learn how to program in Python

Python – a programming language

Python is a high-level programming language, with applications in many areas:

  • web programming
  • scripting
  • scientific calculation
  • artificial intelligence

It is a widely used language and is currently used by companies such as Google, NASA, CIA and Disney.

The Python Interpreter

Python is a language that is processed in real time through an interpreter, also called Python. So there is no need to compile the code before running it.

An interpreter is a program that executes scripts written in a language interpreted as Python.

Pytyhon versions

The Python versions currently used are 2.x and 3.x. The course will be based on the use of version 3.x.

Python implementations

Python has several implementations, written with different programming languages. CPython (written in C) is the reference implementation (and in any case it is also the most popular) for this course.

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