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Hello everyone!! I’m Daniel Nocioni, a new author of the Meccanismo Complesso community!

Before you start writing my first article, I want to thank Fabio Nelli, the site coordinator for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself in this community where everyone can share and learn new things about the open source world.

LinuxDay 2016
Daniele Nocioni

LinuxDay 2016 – The Event

The Linuxday is the main Italian event dedicated to Linux, the free software, the open culture and sharing. We arrived at the 16th edition of the event, and from 2001 to the present enormous strides have been made. All in order to integrate the concept and the opensource philosophy in people. By now the world of open source is an integral part of our lives.

Just think of that many technological devices have to deal somehow with Linux (smartphones, network devices, smart TV, tablet etc …). Despite this there is still no full awareness of the potential use of an open source system, and, in some cases, people show skepticism about the use of an operating system like Linux, denouncing the complexity of a system as a result of his past now. Today, many Linux Systems “user friendly” are available, they are made specifically to cover every need the end user. By participating in the Linuxday it can be useful to the educational level and, in some cases, you can discover technological solutions easy to implement and cost effective.

The Linuxshell Italia Association


Linuxshell Italia is an IT association that works to promote computer literacy, especially in the field of free and open-source software. Linuxshell is a group of computer professionals who have long and significant experience gained in the field. Currently the association collaborates with organizations and institutions, universities and research centers. The association holds occasional free linux seminars, workshops and training courses.

Raspberry Pi & Derivatives – A working example in production

On October 21, at the center LinuxShell Italia in Rome, the presentation “Raspberry PI & Derivatives: A production operating case” took place. This presentation was the second event of the evening, and it was precisely connected to LinuxDay.

As part of the presentation, Daniel Nocioni (LinuxShell & Mechanism Complex) and Fabio Nelli (Mechanism Complex) presented the following two issues:

  • PiCamera and OpenCV: analysis and processing images and videos on Raspberry Pi
  • Bananas: installation and configuration of a NAS server on Banana Pi

The two talks dealt with aspects related to electronics and programming and purely technical aspect of these cards.

You can download the presentation in PDF, just click on the followint link


Banana Pro
Banana Pro


My thanks go first of all to Marco Pantò (Linux Shell), the event organizer, as well as my mentor, who hosted us and allowed us to present the enormous potential offered by Linux-single boards synergy; and Fabio Nelli (Mechanism Complex), who shared with me this experience. And last but not least, I thank all the participants who contributed to the great success of the event.

LinuxDay 2016 Pantò Nocioni
Marco Pantò (left) and Daniele Nocioni (right)


If you are interested in information on setup and initial configuration on BANANAS, I ask you to be patient a little longer. Within a short time I will write the articles showing you the entire procedure.[:]

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