Graphs in Python - part 1 main

Programming Graphs in Python – Part 1

In all programming languages, data structure models are an important element for managing advanced programming. So it’s very important to be familiar with them and how to use them. Graphs are a very important data structure. Python does not have a primitive data structure to handle the graphs, so it is necessary to implement it. In this article you will see what are the graphs, their features, and how to implement some useful features for managing and manipulating the data inside

Orange Pi+ 2 a raspberry pi-like board

A look back at the Orange Pi Plus 2 board

]In this article you will see one of Orange Pi’s: the Orange Pi+2 board. This card is part of all Raspberry Pi-compatible boards that vary for some technical features (generally enhanced) compared to the corresponding original Raspberry board

Raspberry Pi - How To

How To – Raspberry – Enabling SSH (Secure Shell)

Secure Shell, or better known as SSH, is a network protocol that runs on a computer. Raspberry Pi also offers this opportunity. By enabling the SSH service on it, it will be possible from any PC (even from mobile) that is connected to the network, access any Raspberry Pi and execute any command.