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Meccanismo Complesso - Software for the design of electronic circuits

In this article I will to present some software for the design of electronic circuits I believe to be relevant. Several criteria are taken into account before drawing up this list: there are free software, commercial software, shareware software. Most of them are of high quality with respect to the user interface, ease of use, management of complex projects etc. I have tried to present as many programs as possible. Once you have found the software which better suits to your needs and after you will be familiar with it, it will be easy to draw circuits or schematics.

Web Based EDA Tools – In a world where everything is moving to the cloud, there is also a handful of powerful EDA software available in the cloud itself. I list below some powerful programs for electronic design that is both free and web-based: try them! 😉

EasyEDA – It is a powerful free tool, cloud-based platform. This application simplifies the schematic drawing, the spice simulation and the building of circuits boards. Now over 70000 sketches are available on its web database and you can use more than 15000 Pspice libraries. You can quickly draw sketch using the library directly from the browser. Projects can be kept private, shared or made public. Sketches and libraries can be imported from Altium, Eagle, KiCad and LTspice. Files can be exported in several formats, including the JSON format. It is also provided an option for the production of low cost PCB. Since you can open the application from the cloud, it provides the user the possibility to operate with the application anywhere and on any operating system. Portability between different systems is in fact one of the advantages of being a cloud application.

A list of free software for the electronic design:

TinyCad – a software for the sketch design for Windows, downloadable from SourceForge. It supports the design of circuits, the development of their layout and the simulation. It is available for free download.

Xcircuit– a free software for the sketch design by OpenCircuit designs, developed for Unix/Linux. You can use Windows if you have available an X-server, or an API Windows. Available in multiple versions, it requires a thorough reading of the tutorial before you start using it.

Dia – a simple software for the design, suitable for drawing block diagrams. Also some important basic components are available. This software is only suitable for a beginner or a new user to the design of circuits, but it is a good software for the design of block diagrams. Licensed under the GPL license, is available for Mac and Linux. There is no information on the existence of a Windows version.

Pspice – Student Version – Maybe you know Pspice – “the” simulation software. Click the link for a free version of Pspice students.

LTSpice– A simulation software developed by Linear. Sketches drawing, spice simulation, display of waveforms and various other applications are the meaining features of this application.

SmartDraw – Free software for the electronic schematic design. The software is developed by SmartDraw LLC that produces CAD and professional design software. The free version serves to promote the paid version, so some of the advanced features are not available in the free version.

A list of software for commercial electronic circuits:

Orcad– software developed by Cadence, very popular for the design of circuits, layout development and simulation.

CadSoft Eagle – another software for high quality PCB design. EAGLE is the acronime of EasilyApplicable Graphical Layout Editor.

Tina – a low-cost solution for small companies and freelancers. It facilitates the design of circuits, the development of the layout, simulation etc. It has a module for real time testing of circuits.

Altera– It has a large range of software depending on the various needs. Software for the Embedded Design (NIOS II), for the DSP (DPS builder). Quartus II and ModelSim for logic design.

Let me know what you think of these software for the design of circuits, which can be used for the design, simulation, etc.

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