The best LCD screens for the Raspberry Pi (Touch screen)

LCD monitor screen display for Raspnerry Pi


We all know that a Raspberry card is easily connectable to a video via the HDMI socket. Often the video chosen for our operations is our home TV. Well this solution is not really optimal. But how to do it then? Well there are many solutions on the market. There are some high-resolution LCD screens of all sizes (large and small) many of which even have the built-in Touch Screen, transforming these screens into tablets. So instead of using the mouse, just press on the video.

In this article we will take a quick look at all the solutions that the market proposes to us at this time. Particularly in this article we will see all the large screens (around 7 inches).

LCD monitor display screen for Raspberry

LCD Screens

On the market there are some models of high resolution and economical LCD schemes specifically designed to work and integrate with the Raspberry boards. Among these are the screens of Sunfounder, a company specializing in kits and accessories for cards such as Raspberry and Arduino. Lately it has produced and put on the market a series of models of different formats with different price ranges, in order to satisfy all the market segments.

Let’s start with the largest 10-inch model with a maximum resolution of 1280×800.

Sunfounder LCD 10.1 “1280 × 800 HD IPS

As we can see from the picture is a real treat for enthusiasts. The screen is high resolution and has special screwable supports to use it as a desktop screen. But otherwise it can be used to screw it in any other context (maybe as a control panel?). In the back of the screen we can see a compartment with the electronics of the screen that also presents the outputs in other formats (as well as HDMI) so that we could use it for other purposes as well. In the back there is another compartment where you can screw the Raspberry board. The USB and network sockets remain on the margins of the screen, so as not to obstruct the connection with the cables.

The price is not very low, since it is around 100 euros, but the quality of this screen is certainly very high. In fact, in addition to resolution, low weight, adaptability for other purposes and to be screwed on different types of support, has a characteristic not to be subvaturare. The screen is equipped with IPS technology that allows you to visualize correctly the fencing also from high angles (0-178 °), without forcing us to look at the screen directly in order to be able to work.

ModelSunfounder 10.1 “HD
Resolution1024 x 768
Item weight649 g
Product dimension24.9 x 7.6 x 18.4 cm
Video JacksHDMI, VGA, AV (cvbs)
Other featuresIPS technology, allows mounting on other supports, extremely light.

Now let’s move on to the smaller model of Sunfounder. This screen is 7 inches, has a resolution of 1024×600.

Sunfounder LCD 7 “1024×600 HD TFT 

The price of this model falls considerably, now we roam around 70 euros. This video has very small dimensions, it is more compact and often of the previous model and its use is strictly that of a traditional desktop video. In addition, this video is based on TFT and non-IPS technology and therefore the angle of view is lower. This explains the most contained costs of this product.

Brand and Item codeAT070TN90
Item weight726 g
Product dimension13.3 x 2.5 x 8.7 cm
Video JacksHDMI, VGA, AV1, AV2

However at the price, it is possible to find on the market screen models also having the characteristic of being Touch screen, with the possibility to select the icons with the pressure of a finger. For example, Kuman proposes this model:

Kuman LCD 7 “1024×600 HD TFT

This model from the point of view of technical characteristics is perfectly identical to the previous. And considering also that the screen is also Touch screen we can say that it is a good choice. Also on Amazon is available at a price even lower than the previous model, we wander in fact around 60 euros. This screen is also of TFT technology.

Brand and Item codeKuman SC7J-7inch-UK
Item weight798 g
Product dimension21 x 15.4 x 8.6 cm
Video JacksHDMI, VGA, AV
FeaturesTouch Screen

For the more geeks there is commercially an even more advantageous solution. In fact for only 50 euros you can buy all the components of a video like the ones above and then assemble where and how you want.

Sainsmart 7 ‘ ‘ TFT LCD 

This solution could be optimal when, unlike previous cases, you do not work on a desk but want to equip an instrument or a case included in our project of an interaction video, that is a visual control Panel. The resolution is lower than the previous models, but the Touch Screen is included.

Make and model.Sainsmart 101-40-107
Item weight526 g
Product dimension17 x 5.8 x 27.7 cm
Video JacksHDMI, VGA, AV1 and AV2
Other featuresDisassembled with controller card VS-TY2662-V1

Of the same type of the previous case, IE disassembled video components, we have the model always 7 inches released by the Raspberry Pi itself.

Raspberry Pi 7-Inch touchscreen

The only problem with this model, that although it boasts the officiality of the thing, so we expect a perfect operation of drivers, etc… The price is really high (it prows on 90 euros!: O). Always 7 inches and Touch Screen, but the resolution is low 800×400 (: O).  I bring you the technical characteristics below.

Make and modelRaspberry Pi LCD 2473872
Item weight517 g
Product dimension11 x 20 x 2.5 cm
Other featuresIt interfaces directly with Raspberry

If you want to add also the case, you have to spend another 20 euros (: O) There are models both white and black, and transparent.

Another model always to components is that of Kuman

Kuman 7 AT070TN90

Same components as the previous model, in addition there is the possibility of remote control via remote. The price however is lower and is around 50 euros.

Make and modelKuman SC7I-7inch-UK
Item weight141 g
Product dimension22 x 15 x 7.6 cm
Video JacksHDMI, VGA, AV
Other featuresTouch Screen


In This article we have seen the most common models of LCD monitors currently present on the market. Each of them has its own peculiar characteristics that can be advantageous according to our needs.

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