Raspberry Pi 4 - la quarta versione della scheda

Raspberry Pi 4 has arrived !!!

The fourth version of the Raspberry Pi has just been released. With a constant sale price (starting from $ 35), the new release presents many new features to keep this fantastic card always in step with the times. In this article you will see its features.

Sonic Pi make music and create sound by programming with Raspberry Pi m

SonicPi – Make music and create sounds by programming with Raspberry Pi

  This introductory article aims to illustrate the basic functionalities of the Sonic Pi application, a software included in Raspberry’s Raspbian distribution that allows you to compose and execute music in a programmatic way, that is through the drafting of a code. In this post you will see a series of examples and how to perform simple melodies, edit sounds and add effects.

Flask - a web server on Raspberry Pi using Python m

 Flask – a web server on Raspberry using Python

Flask is a Python mini-framework that is used for web development. Thanks to its small size and its great capabilities, Flask is a great tool for creating your own websites dynamically and interactively. With its high versatility and simplicity, it is a great solution for implementing a web server on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 3 - Fan and heatsinks to prevent the overheating

 Raspberry Pi 3 – Fan and heatsinks to prevent the overheating

    In recent times there has been much discussion on whether or not to mount the heat sinks on the latest version of Raspberry, the Pi 3. Having a higher performance processor, this board should produce more heat. But this heat is still acceptable, or you need to buy a heatsink? Or maybe you should replace it with a fan? Or use them both? Let’s find out in this article the “rumors” about this much discussed topic.