Arduino UNO R4 Minima

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Arduino UNO Rev 4

Finally, after several years Arduino offers us a new version of the very famous Arduino UNO board now in its fourth revision. This new board, extremely enhanced and improved in its technical characteristics, is presented on the market in two different versions:

  • Arduino UNO R4 Minima
  • Arduino UNO R4 WiFi

In this article we will see the UNO R4 Minima version in detail, while for the other card I suggest you go and read this other article.

Arduino UNO R4 Minima

The new technical features

The Arduino UNO R4 Minima features a powerful 32-bit microcontroller courtesy of Renesas. Compared to the old Rev 3, you therefore have greater processing power, expanded memory and a completely new level of integrated peripherals. In addition to the upgraded microcontroller, this board has more memory and a faster clock. This allows you to develop more complex projects than the previous version.

But the good thing is its portability: compatibility with the schematics and accessories used in the old Rev3 version remains intact and no changes need to be made. The operating voltage remained at 5V! However, in addition to the old integrated peripherals, this board introduces new ones, such as a 12-bit DAC, a CAN BUS, an OP AMP and a SWD connector. This expands the overview of the possible applications of this card.

Another feature introduced with this new revision is the possibility of using power supplies up to 24V. This extends the possibility of integrating motors, LED strips and other actuators into our projects, using a single power source and thus simplifying the realization of our projects.

But the series of innovations introduced in this sheet does not end here. The UNO R4 comes with built-in HID (Human Interface Device) support. So by connecting the board to a computer via a USB cable, it will be possible to simulate a mouse or keyboard within our projects, quickly and easily.

So, summarizing here are the main innovations introduced in this new revision:

  • Hardware compatibility with UNO R3
  • Expanded memory and faster clock
  • Extra on-board peripherals (12-bit DAC, CAN BUS, OP AMP)
  • Extended 24 V tolerance
  • SWD connector
  • HID support
Arduino UNO R4 Minima board

Features sheet

BoardNameArduino® UNO R4 Minima
MicrocontrollerRenesas RA4M1 (Arm® Cortex®-M4)
USBUSB-C®Programming Port
PinsDigital I/O Pins14
Analog input pins6
PWM pins6
External interrupts2,3
CommunicationUARTYes, 1x
I2CYes, 1x
SPIYes, 1x
CANYes 1 CAN Bus
PowerCircuit operating voltage5 V
Input voltage (VIN)6-24 V
DC Current per I/O Pin8 mA
Clock speedMain core48 MHz
MemoryRA4M1256 kB Flash, 32 kB RAM
DimensionsWidth68.85 mm
Length53.34 mm

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