Adafruit Circuit Playground – a new Arduino compatible wearable board

adafruit circuit playground - a new arduino compatible wearable board main

On the big stage of the Arduino and Arduino-compatible electronic boards there is a new protagonist: Circuit Playground. This board is developed and distributed by Adafruit, and its name is very meaningful….this board is a “playground” for all makers.

In fact, it contains all the features of an Arduino LilyPad board, such as flexibility for wearable designs, but at the same time contains some electronic components (such as multicolored Led, buttons and light, sound and temperature sensors). With these components already integrated, you can create your projects and test them with only this board. Let’s look at it in more detail in this article.

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Arduino WiFi101 – A WiFi system for Arduino and Genuino

Arduino Genuino WiFi101 a wifi system

In this article you’ve seen how to integrate your projects on the Arduino with a WiFi system. Have you seen all the necessary tools to do so, as WiFi101 shield for Arduino boards, and the model Arduino MKR1000 (Genuino MKR1000) where WiFi is already integrated. Also you saw how to install and properly configure the firmware and WiFi101 library. In future articles you will see some useful examples on how to use it.

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Arduino MKR1000

Meccanismo Complesso - Arduino genuino MKR1000

The world IoT (Internet of Things) is becoming increasingly popular in the world around us. We are still fascinated by this world of sensors and microprocessors that are increasingly interfacing more in our daily lives. If you are reading this article you probably know Arduino UNO and how it has revolutionized our lives, both as makers and as geeks of various kinds … Well Arduino has developed a new much more specialized board for IoT: the MKR1000

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