What is Cloud Hosting

The immense amount of work, made up of files and documents of various types, carried out both by IT professionals and by workers from all other fields who still need digital media, not to mention all private data, made of photos, messages and information of all kinds, which we all accumulate over time, no longer ends up in our wardrobes or on dusty shelves but is accumulated within the memories of our electronic devices. Over time, we needed more and more space, because we didn’t want to lose jobs, old documents, or even the memories of a lifetime.

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In the past this space was physical, and it was frequent to find ourselves occasionally realizing that we had to fix what we had accumulated, to separate what we needed, or in any case what we intended to keep, from what had become useless. Then the paper was replaced by digital, with a transformation process that is still in progress, and the technological devices on which we accumulate material were born: from floppy disks to CDs and DVDs, from hard disks to memory cards and USB sticks.

The Cloud

Today, with cloud services, this space is no longer physically inside our computer (or our smartphone) or on external media and therefore easily transportable, but is allocated on servers that can be found all over the world. The cloud, in this way, allows us to be able to access our data from wherever we are. In fact, the need to be able to open and use documents both from home and from the office is very frequent, or when we are with a customer. This in the workplace, but the value is the same also for our private files.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a service, provided by companies such as www.seeweb.it, which ensures the permanence of our site on the web, optimally managing the resources regarding the space and traffic that our site needs.

Seeweb - Cloud Hosting

So what is the difference with the normal hosting concept? The fact is that in this case, that of cloud hosting, it is not a fixed physical space dedicated to our site but a virtual space. Cloud hosting, in fact, uses the resources of the cloud to offer us greater reliability and better performance thanks to virtualization and greater flexibility in the allocation of data.

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