Open Hardware & FelFil EVO – A filament extruder for 3D printing

3D printers are the main protagonists at Maker Faire 2016. Many stand show the various printers while they’re at work. There, You can see many models of various brands while they are printing 3D computer models using simple plastic filaments. But among all these stands, it was interesting to talk to Alessandro Severini, technical manager of FelFil who outlined the importance of the extruders.

LOWSCOPE - a 3D printed spectroscope m

Lowspec – A 3D printed spectroscope

There are many 3D printing projects available on the web, but there is one in particular that really impressed me. The project we will discuss today allows you to print all the structural components of a spectroscope at home and then adapt the lenses and the mechanical parts (for the movement mechanisms) obtaining an instrument to use at home, perhaps connecting it to a telescope


 3D Laser Scanning

  The 3D scanning is a very advanced technique in which real objects are scanned in some way to get the three-dimensional models in digital format for subsequent use on other applications, that can be modeling, printing 3D structural studies, etc .. At present, 3D Laser Scanning is the technique that provides better results

Meccanismo Complesso - 4D printing concept

4D Printing – a new concept

Every day we read articles about 3d printing and the great innovations it is bringing. The applications that this sector offers are countless and every month are overcome goals that just before were deemed unthinkable. Recently there is a new development that is taking hold in the world of 3d printing, 4d printing for the generation of programmable material.

WASP - Clay 3D printers

The new extruder WASP – towards the realization of a dream

   Animals teach us: every wasted energy goes recovered procuring food, stocking up when necessary. The innovation that is the decisive step of our journey towards the WASP GigaDelta 12 meters high, that is, toward the printer which will be able to build houses of clay, is inspired by this concept. At the end the solution of the problem that has haunted us for years was just in our name. In nature. It was the potter wasp which have inspired us.


 XFAB: 3D laser printer for the consumer market

 DWS, Digital Wax Systems, is an Italian company based in Zanè, in the province of Vicenza, specialized in the realization of professional 3D printers based on the laser stereolithography technology which find application in jewelry, dental and industrial design fields.


Rapid prototyping

The prototypes (from the greek πρωτότυπος ‘Prototipos’ ie ‘first model’) are often intended as partial or approximate models of a system that we want to develop (design phase) and their realization is often a very critical stage in the production process.