Lessons from Python-2.10 The range () function

Well in Python, there is a function that greatly facilitates the definition of lists, the function range (). In fact, since it is a language that often works for the development of scientific applications, the rapid definition of numerical lists and above all of matrices (lists of lists) must be as easy as ever.

How to - GitHub

How To – enhance your GitHub projects enabling a web page with a theme

    GitHub is becoming more and more an indispensable tool for sharing the code and its perfect management. Its success is in fact due precisely because GitHub besides being a perfect tool is also an excellent showcase for your projects. It is therefore very important to increase the readability of our projects. In this article you will see how to enable a web page of our project and choose one of the many graphic themes made available to GitHub.

How to remove a repository on GitHub m

How To – Delete a Repository from GitHub

  When you are dealing with GitHub you will always find suggestions on how to create new repositories, manage versions, add and update the code, but never how to delete a repository. In this How To you will see in a few steps how to delete a repository, or a fork that you have created and no longer want to store in GitHub.

BBC microbit a new educational board

BBC micro:bit – a new board for learning electronics

   After Raspberry Pi, the very famous board created for educational purposes in the United Kingdom, but which was then also used in many other areas, the time has come for the introduction of BBC micro:bit.he BBC, the company that has always been in the forefront of education and learning, has invested in this project, thus introducing itself into this new world of IoT and embedded electronics.In this article we will know in detail this small card, its features and some applications


LinuxDay 2016

The Linuxday is the main Italian event dedicated to Linux, the free software, the open culture and sharing. We arrived at the 16th edition of the event, and from 2001 to the present enormous strides have been made.

 IoT – Internet Of Things

   In recent times, you often hear people talk about the Internet of Things, aka IoT, which is nothing more than its acronym. You begin to find this word a bit everywhere and sometimes without having the slightest idea what they’re talking about. In this article you will see in more detail what the Internet of Things is, and how it is gradually more and more influencing your lives.