Python Lessons - 1.8 Type conversion m

Python Lessons – 1.8 Type conversion

It often happens (even much more than we realize) that in the lines of code to perform operations between values of different types. We've already seen it between integers and floats. In fact, the integers were implicitly converted to float by the interpreter and then the operation was performed. In This case we talk about implicit conversions.

Python Lessons - 1.11 Using an editor

Python Lessons – 1.11 Using an editor

An IDLE is a text editor that allows you to do the programming, that is the writing of the programs in Python in a simple and fast. In fact from the same editor, you can create a new. py file, write the code, run the program, fix the errors, and save the program, to reuse it at a later time

Python Lessons - 2.11 The FOR Loop m

Python Lessons – 2.11 FOR Loop

Each element of the list array is copied into a temporary variable called item, on which you will work within the for loop by writing a series of commands in the indentation. No need for counters, no need to know how long the list is.

Python lessons - 2.2 The conditional construct IF m

Python Lessons – 2.2 The conditional construct IF

The IF command is used to construct conditional constructs. The IF construct consists of a condition and a set of instructions within it. If the condition produces a True value, that is, the statements within the construct are verified, otherwise no and execution passes to the next command