RMarkdown the generation of dynamic reports

Generating Dynamic Reports with RMarkdown

RMarkdown is a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to integrate R code, descriptive text and analysis results into a single document. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of dynamic reports and see how RMarkdown makes it easy to create reports that can be easily reproduced and shared.

Tidyverse and descriptive statistics

Tidyverse, an ideal tool for Descriptive Statistics with R

Descriptive statistics is a crucial step in data analysis, providing a detailed overview of the main characteristics of a dataset. R, with its vast ecosystem of packages, offers a powerful and coherent solution to address this phase. Among these, Tidyverse stands out, a set of packages designed to improve data manipulation, analysis and visualization in R.

Stand-alone R installation on USB Stick

Stand-alone R installation on USB stick from Windows

Avoiding installing applications on any PC we need to work on every time can be an efficient solution. In fact, for some of them it is possible to install an application on a USB stick and carry everything you need to work with you. In this article we will install the R console on a USB stick. In this way we will be able to work with R, do our statistical analysis on any PC with Windows. Once finished, we will remove the key, leaving the PC clean.

R - import and export data from the outside

R – import and export data from the outside

Being able to work with data, import them, export them and other similar operations, is a very important operation to start working and performing statistics and data analysis. Here are some fundamental concepts and operations that allow you to convert external data in different formats into data frames, or in any case into types of data that can be easily used on R.

First steps with R

First steps with R

To start working effectively with R it is important to know at least the types of basic data and at least some fundamental commands to be able to start working on them. A brief overview to get started with this wonderful platform.