OpenCV & Python – Canny Edge Detection

In the overview of the algorithms developed for the edge detection, the Canny Edge Detection is quite popular, and owes its name to who developed it, John F. Canny. This algorithm has a number of interesting features, in fact, is an multistage algorithm. Noise Reduction, Finding Intensity Gradient, Non-Maximum soppression, Hysteresis Thresholding.

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A guide to Installing R for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Scarica l’articolo in formato PDF Introduction If you’re dealing with data analytics, you certainly will have heard of R. R is a programming language and a development environment for analysis and statistical computing. This language allows you to use a wide variety of statistical tools at the highest level, using …

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Using Canon and Nikon lenses with Raspberry Pi

Using Canon and Nikon lenses with Raspberry Pi 2

Lately many subscribers are asking me how they can use their professional lenses like Nikon or Canon directly with Raspberry Pi. I have good news for you …. you can do it. You can use the PiCamera as a digital sensor and add a set of adapters that allow you to directly screw the lens on the PiCamera board. Personally I could not test the actual functionality of the whole (not having the material), but in this article you will find a wealth of information that will be really useful. If you are a Makers, you’ll find excellent opportunities for fabbricarti adapters alone, otherwise you can directly use the adapters available for sale.

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