MicroPython – Python for programming microcontrollers

MicroPython - Python for programming microcontrollers main

MicroPython has been released, a development software that allows the programming of microcontrollers using exclusively Python as a programming language. In this article we will see in detail MicroPython. We will also talk about PyBoard, a microcontroller board specifically designed to be programmed into Python.

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BBC micro:bit – a new board for learning electronics

BBC microbit a new educational board

After Raspberry Pi, the very famous board created for educational purposes in the United Kingdom, but which was then also used in many other areas, the time has come for the introduction of BBC micro:bit.he BBC, the company that has always been in the forefront of education and learning, has invested in this project, thus introducing itself into this new world of IoT and embedded electronics.In this article we will know in detail this small card, its features and some applications.

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Programming WiFi on Arduino with the WiFi101 library

Arduino and the WiFi101 Library

(Italiano) La libreria WiFi101 permette di poter utilizzare in maniera programmatica la tecnologia WiFi su sistemi Arduino potenziati con Arduino WiFi Shield 101 o utilizzando direttamente la scheda Arduino MKR1000 che ha il WiFi integrato. Inutile dire che questa libreria è uno dei mattoncini fondamentali per lo sviluppo e l’utilizzo di Arduino come soluzioni IoT.

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Flask – a web server on Raspberry using Python

Flask - a web server on Raspberry Pi using Python m

Flask is a Python mini-framework that is used for web development. Thanks to its small size and its great capabilities, Flask is a great tool for creating your own websites dynamically and interactively. With its high versatility and simplicity, it is a great solution for implementing a web server on Raspberry Pi.

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Programming Graphs in Python – Part 1

Graphs in Python - part 1 main

In all programming languages, data structure models are an important element for managing advanced programming. So it’s very important to be familiar with them and how to use them. Graphs are a very important data structure. Python does not have a primitive data structure to handle the graphs, so it is necessary to implement it. In this article you will see what are the graphs, their features, and how to implement some useful features for managing and manipulating the data inside.

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Adafruit Circuit Playground – a new Arduino compatible wearable board

On the big stage of the Arduino and Arduino-compatible electronic boards there is a new protagonist: Circuit Playground. This board is developed and distributed by Adafruit, and its name is very meaningful….this board is a “playground” for all makers.

In fact, it contains all the features of an Arduino LilyPad board, such as flexibility for wearable designs, but at the same time contains some electronic components (such as multicolored Led, buttons and light, sound and temperature sensors). With these components already integrated, you can create your projects and test them with only this board. Let’s look at it in more detail in this article.

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