Raspberry Pi 3 - Fan and heatsinks to prevent the overheating

 Raspberry Pi 4 – Fan and heatsinks to prevent the overheating

In recent times there has been little talk of whether or not it is necessary to mount heatsinks on the latest Raspberry version, the Pi 4. This board, by mounting a higher performance processor, should produce more heat. If for the Raspberry Pi 3 the addition of a fan might have seemed like an option only for enthusiasts, it would seem that for the Raspberry Pi 4 the choice to integrate a heat dissipation system is quite mandatory. The options are varied, as are the prices (however very low) which range from simple heatsinks to be glued directly onto the chips, up to real fan systems and heatsink panels to be completely integrated onto the board.

DHT11 e DHT22 sensors - Measuring temperature and humidity

DHT11 and DHT22 sensors – Measure humidity and temperature with Arduino

The DHT11 sensor (and the DHT22 sensor) allows you to measure both the temperature and the level of humidity in the air. Available on the market for a few euros, we find it already mounted on electrical boards that greatly facilitate its use. Let’s see in this article how easy it is to connect this sensor to our Arduino and how to take measurements..

Hamilton's quaternions and 3D rotation with Python

Hamilton’s quaternions and 3D rotation with Python

With the Euler angles the foundations for the calculation of the rotation of bodies in three-dimensional spaces were founded. However, it was later discovered that Hamilton’s quaternions are a more efficient tool for studying the rotation mode of bodies. In this article we will see what quaternions are, how they are calculated and how they apply to the rotation of a body, also helping us in this case with some Python code.

WaveNet and Text-To-Speech (TTS) machines can speak m

 WaveNet and Text-To-Speech (TTS) – machines can speak

   The progress of this last year regarding Deep Learning is truly exceptional. Many steps forward have been made in many fields of technology thanks to neural networks and among these there is the synthetic voice, or rather the Text-To-Speech (TTS) that is, that series of technologies able to simulate the human way of speaking by reading a text. Among the models realized, therefore, there is WaveNet, a highly innovative model that has revolutionized the way of doing Text-To-Speech making them jump really forward

Sonic Pi make music and create sound by programming with Raspberry Pi m

SonicPi – Make music and create sounds by programming with Raspberry Pi

  This introductory article aims to illustrate the basic functionalities of the Sonic Pi application, a software included in Raspberry’s Raspbian distribution that allows you to compose and execute music in a programmatic way, that is through the drafting of a code. In this post you will see a series of examples and how to perform simple melodies, edit sounds and add effects.

How to - GitHub

How To – enhance your GitHub projects enabling a web page with a theme

    GitHub is becoming more and more an indispensable tool for sharing the code and its perfect management. Its success is in fact due precisely because GitHub besides being a perfect tool is also an excellent showcase for your projects. It is therefore very important to increase the readability of our projects. In this article you will see how to enable a web page of our project and choose one of the many graphic themes made available to GitHub.

How to remove a repository on GitHub m

How To – Delete a Repository from GitHub

  When you are dealing with GitHub you will always find suggestions on how to create new repositories, manage versions, add and update the code, but never how to delete a repository. In this How To you will see in a few steps how to delete a repository, or a fork that you have created and no longer want to store in GitHub.

2017 the year of Deep Learning frameworks

 2017 The year of Deep Learning frameworks

   2017 was a special year for Deep Learning. In addition to the great experimental results obtained thanks to the algorithms developed, the Deep Learning this year has seen its glory in the release of many frameworks. These are very useful tools for developing numerous projects. In the article you will see an overview of many new frameworks that have been proposed as excellent tools for the development of Deep Learning projects.

MicroPython - Python for programming microcontrollers main

 MicroPython – Python for programming microcontrollers

   MicroPython has been released, a development software that allows the programming of microcontrollers using exclusively Python as a programming language. In this article we will see in detail MicroPython. We will also talk about PyBoard, a microcontroller board specifically designed to be programmed into Python.